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ROOF RACKS mobietec®

Begin 2007 the activities of mobietec® started. A luggage rack was developed that met various requirements in terms of look, options and material use.

Light and strong, are the requirements of a roof rack

First and foremost, the roof rack had to be strong but light. Aluminium was an option due to its material characteristics (if using the right alloy) and the ability to design the profile in such a way that it was still strong. In addition, aluminium can be given a beautiful finish; anodisation. Goal 1 was achieved: a low weight with a very high load bearing capacity.

The aluminium is combined with stainless steel (inox) fittings. This combination ensures that the product remains beautiful. Goal 2 was achieved: the product remained beautiful during its entire lifecycle.

Your bespoke roof rack, without longer waiting times

Due to the structure of the product it was not only modular, but bespoke products were also possible without the client having to wait longer. The entire production process is set up to create the shortest possible turnaround time and to be able to deliver the product to the client as fast as possible. The product is developed and produced entirely in-house. Goal 3 was achieved: the product is both modular and bespoke without no problem.

Production with respect for the environment

The environment also had to be taken into account. Aluminium is bountiful and 100% recyclable. Due to the low weight of our products we lower the fuel consumption of the car on which it is mounted. We manufacture everything in Belgium and all our suppliers are located as close as possible. So we don’t have to needlessly damage the environment to import goods from distant destinations. Marketing a 100% Belgian product was another goal that was realised.

Our own servicing and installation team

These goals were a guide for the further development for the company. In addition, mobietec® wishes to offer the best possible service to its clients with its own servicing/ installation team for the job. Service at distance is offered throughout the entire world. Our own installation team only works in Belgium. Work abroad is conducted by local distributors.

mobietec® roof racks dealers

Our products are distributed through garages and converters. Installation is conducted by them. The client/user can also conduct installation himself because each product comes with a convenient installation manual.

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